As a lecturer at the University of Vienna, I have designed and taught the following undergraduate courses:

  • Visions of London in Victorian Fiction
  • Gothic Goes Imperial
  • Literary genres as social institutions: British fiction and literary conventions
  • British fiction and literary conventions: investigating genre
  • ‘A slight hysterical tendency’: Madness and insanity in Victorian fiction works and twentieth-century rewritings
  • From Otranto to Gothic London: Reading 150 years of British Gothic Literature
  • London’s urban sprawl: Visions of the ‘Unreal City’ in the Western Literary Imaginary
  • 125 years of Dracula: Reading the vampire pre- and post-Stoker
  • The British Ghost Story, 1860-1920

Set texts have included novels and short stories, prose and poetry, canonical works and penny bloods, literary and filmic objects of analysis across different centuries, as shown by the following (non-exhaustive) list: Oliver Twist, The String of Pearls: A Romance (both the penny blood and the musical adaptation of the Sweeney Todd story by Stephen Sondheim), Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Northanger Abbey, The Sign of Four, War of the Worlds (both the novel and the radio drama adaptation by Orson Welles), The Twilight Zone, Macbeth, Rebecca (both the novel and the Hitchcock adaptation), The Moonstone, “The Yellow Wallpaper”, The Castle of Otranto, “Lot n°249”, Birds of Prey, The Beetle, Jane Eyre, The Importance of Being Earnest, Dracula, Othello, One for the Road, Frankenstein

In addition to literature courses, I have worked both as a teacher and a language assistant for English and French in secondary schools in France, England and Austria.